I started telling stories from when I was a little girl with pigtails and no friends. Always an empath and feeling a deep connection to the emotions of others.

When I was all grown up and started my first job, I worked in a financial environment but always yearned to work in a more creative environment.

In 2008, everything in my life converged in just the right way to enable me to sit down and write my first novel. Since then, I have written a couple of books, and they are all going to be posted here for you to read and (hopefully) enjoy.

Born into a family of readers, I had never known a time I was not reading. As the eldest of three children (and the only girl), there was never a time when I was not making up stories to keep myself entertained. I love reading stories where I have to read between the lines, and my absolute favourites are books and movies with gasp! endings.

My debut indie book, 'Recycled Souls' was chosen as a Quarter Finalist (top 250 from 5000 entries) in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards (Young Adults) 2010. In 2011, my story, 'The Great Divide' was also chosen as a Quarter Finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards (Young Adults).


Lynette Ferreira
Lynette writes sweet romance stories for teens & young adults about first love, really cute boys, kissing and all the drama. She began practising the art of imagining stories from a young age, mostly due to loneliness.
Rosaline Saul
Rosaline Saul writes uplifting and wholesome fantasy fiction for teens, young adults and adults young at heart. She made stories up in her head long, long before she could write.
Stephen Simpson
Stephen Simpson writes young adult books for teens. Scary stories with gasp endings. He has always had a vivid imagination and now uses this gift to tell dark and creepy stories.